Trust, Confidence & Security.

We trust people we recognise. Is it over-rated? The online world is complex and it is often very difficult to trust the authenticity of the websites that we visit or indeed of the people that are the visitors to a site. The myaccount signin service was developed in response to the Scottish Government digital strategy and has successfully been adopted by several key Scottish public sector organisations including The City of Edinburgh Council. The myaccount service is a truely unique and innovative shared security and trust platform that has been designed to run in a single instance of a cloud based infrastructure to support ALL public sector services in Scotland and is freely available to anyone and everyone. The service is designed to comply with the Scottish Government’s Identity Management and Privacy Principles. The project was initiated and delivered in record time and achieved it’s business case of delivering a managed service through a world class partner using opens standards platforms and a mix of local and international partners.

Please contact me if you have a requirement for a consistent and trusted digital service where citizens or customers can be sure that the services that they are accessing are bona fide websites and not the latest phishing scam to entice innocent people to share confidential details or financial information to unscrupulous cyber criminals.